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Consulting/Book Packaging

If you're publishing your own book, we can help. We have the expertise in publishing, printing and marketing that will make the difference between success and failure for your project.

If you want to publish the book yourself under your own company, we can help you with the graphics and layout, help you obtain ISBN numbers for your publishing entity and put you in touch with distributors who can get your book in the stores. We will also help you identify special sales outlets that will drive your book sales to the next level.

Our book packaging service sets you up as a publisher and teaches you what you need to know to make your book a success. By letting us package your book you will ensure its acceptability to distributors and bookstore buyers. It won't guarantee sales; that part is up to you! If the book is well written and the topic is in demand, if you have a nice looking, professionally designed and printed book, if you have a well-thought out marketing plan, book sales will follow.


If you have written a book or are working on a book idea, tell us all about it. Maybe we will want to publish it. Even though our name says "Bottom-Up Media," we will still operate in a "top-down" manner when it makes sense for us and you, our author/client.


Whether you're just now ready to publish, or have already published a book but need help in marketing it, Bottom-Up Media can help you design and implement a marketing plan for your book or magazine that will ensure its long-term success.

We specialize in the use of a groundbreaking new concept called "Social Velocity." Social Velocity uses the power of social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and others, as well as word of mouth ( and word of MOUSE) to get other people talking about your book. There is no better recommendation than that of a friend or acquaintance. We will show you how to promote your book with a video on YouTube, a funny or thoughtful email campaign, a series of links on social media site that will propagate throughout the internet..the opportunities are endless and together we can make it happen!

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