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Bottom-Up Media is a publishing company that believes in the power of social media to promote your title. We show you how to use "Social Velocity" to get the word out--through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.

Our partnership with Yovia, the creator of the Social Velocity concept and the world's first "people engine" will allow you to get people talking about your book. We show you how to use paid search effectively, and also how to target the right people to help spread the word.
We have another site with tons of helpful information about social media, particularly as relates to broadcast radio. You might want to check it out here.
Our name, "Bottom-Up Media," comes from our non-traditional approach to publishing. Often, rather than waiting for a prospective author to approach us with a book idea, we will come up with the idea and go find an author. That's a bottom-up approach, whereas traditional publishers use the top-down approach.

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